Project Group and Summatives

Each quarter, students study a specific theme and/or solve a real-life problem that is an integration of what they have learned in their classes. In Project Group, students apply what they have learned throughout the day by participating in hands-on projects. It is not unusual to see the students building, painting, or performing during this time. Each quarterly theme culminates in an evening academic performance, or Summative. Past projects include:

Kindergarten -
Animal Adaptations
My Mental Toolbox
Building a Community

Grades 1-2 -
Ecosystems Around the World
Playground Design
The Science of Westward Expansion

Grades 3-4 -
Cultural Universals
Arizona's Ancient Cultures
The Science of Caves
Water Feature Design
The Science of Sound & Music

Grades 5-6 –
Middle Ages Castle Design
Contraption Building Using Physics
Creation of Islands Using Geology

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